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Cell/Wireless Phone - EMF Protection

1. Buy a low SAR phone
a. The radiation level of the phone is measured by its SAR value. Before buying a new phone ask the retailer to
provide you with its SAR value and choose the one that’s low. IPhones and BBs are usually quite high!

2. Use speakerphone or text message instead of holding phone against your head
a. If this is too noisy consider purchasing an “air tube” headset http://lifebluetube.com/. If you need to hold it
near your head move it from your left to your right side periodically.

3. Never use your phone when you have weak signal strength
a. The fewer the bars on your phone the greater the power output to compensate.

4. Don’t have your phone touching your body or too close to it
a. Keeping phone 2 inches away cuts EMFs by ¼. Keeping it 3 feet away cuts EMFs by 1/50

5. Try minimising your phone use while driving
a. The car’s metal structure allows for cell phone energy to reflect back at you. Try making most of your calls
when you’re out of your car.

6. Don’t use cell phones where signal is compromised and therefore energy output is ramped up
a. Examples would include elevators, subways, basements, etc.

7. Although increasingly difficult to come by CDMA network based phones are safer than GSM network based phones
a. GSM phones use “continuous pulse waves” which are more harmful than the kind emitted by CDMA phones.
GSM phones emit about 28 times more radiation on average compared to CDMA phones according to one
published study.

8. Don’t let children use your phone!
a. Studies have clearly proven children are more vulnerable and early use of cell phones means far greater
exposure over their lifetime. Children can absorb twice as much radiation as an adult. If they’re playing with
your phone put it in “airplane mode”.

9. If possible try to avoid living to close to cell phone transmission towers
a. This is especially an issue in high-rise condo/apartment buildings where they frequently have multiple cell
towers on their rooftops. Check out this website to see how close you live to cell phone towers

10. Avoid DECT 6.0 cordless phones in your home office
a. Although not a cell phone these phones emit surprisingly high EMFs. Use a traditional wired home phone or
non-DECT phone.