Veganique (Discontinued)

Veganique is a 100% raw, whole food, meal replacement powder that is lower in allergy potential and is rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and dietary fiber. It is 100% vegan and uses proteins, carbohydrates and fats derived from healthy foods such as flax, berries, rice and hemp protein isolate. Veganique contains over 20 super green foods and delivers all 23 amino acids plus 25 essential vitamins and minerals. Each serving has the antioxidant power equivalent to five servings of vegetables and also delivers 52% of the RDI (recommended daily intake) for fiber. Veganique is ideal for kids, adults, seniors, dieters, athletes, and people with common food sensitivities — anybody who wants a healthy, whole food way to start the day or to replace meals throughout the day. Energize and invigorate with Veganique!

Each Serving Provides:

  • 11 super antioxidant fruit and juices
  • 25 grams of complete low allergy-potential rice and hemp protein
  • 25 vitamins & minerals
  • 13g of fibre
  • High quality, low glycemic index whole food carbs
  • 6g of EFA-rich healthy fats
  • Zero animal products
  • 2.5g maca powder
  • 2.5g chlorella
  • 20 super green foods
  • 23 amino acids
  • Acai juice powder
  • Rooibos powder


Certified Organic ISO-Hemp™ Protein*

Hemp protein is a super food. It delivers all the essential amino acids, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and is rich in fiber. ISO-Hemp is an isolated hemp protein powder delivering 50% protein; 1/3rd more than other hemp proteins.

Certified Organic Brown Rice Protein*

Rice protein is derived from organic brown rice. Rice protein is considered, along with hemp, to be the least allergenic of all proteins. The combination of hemp and rice proteins delivers a complete balanced source of all the essential amino acids.

Certified Organic Whole Flax EFA Powder*

Flax seeds are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Cold milling the powder preserves these essential fats while also delivering protein and fiber for intestinal and colon health.

Certified Organic Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS)*

A healthy intestinal tract is vital to efficiently digest and absorb what we eat. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that flourish in our intestines providing digestive aid and intestinal health. Probiotics need a prebiotic known as FOS for nourishment and to remain strong to fight off bad bacteria.

Certified Organic Maca*

This Peruvian wonder food is often used to balance and support energy, support the immune system, provide libido enhancement, relieve stress and provide an increased sense of well being. This root belongs to the adaptogen group, thus having the ability to adapt to the body's requirements for recuperation.

Organic High CGF Chlorella

Chlorella is "green food" rich in phytonutrients, chlorophyll and cell healthy DNA and RNA proteins. Chlorella is found in many "greens food powders" and is rich in protein, EFAs and can help to nourish every cell in our bodies.

Certified Organic Cane Juice Solids* & Natural Flavours (With Xanthan Gum, Sunflower and Canola Oil, Citrus Extract, Lo Han Guo & Licorice Extract).

If it tastes good, you will use it more consistently! Drinking a Veganique shake will invigorate your body and your taste buds. Using only natural flavours with a small amount of organic cane juice solids and other taste enhancers, Veganique sets a new standard in vegan eating. It's just the right consistency which makes drinking one or two shakes every day, a breeze.

Acai Juice Powder

Acai is a Brazilian energy juice that provides antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against and destroy free radicals. If too many free radicals accumulate in our bodies and go unchecked, the result may be an increased risk of cancer. Acai may help reduce that risk.

Antioxidant Polyphenol Blend (Green Tea, Matcha Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Rooibos Red Tea [<1 mg caffeine per serving])

These 5 tea extracts possess anti-oxidant qualities. Green Tea is already widely known for its high polyphenol content; the other four teas also deliver polyphenols. Especially exciting is the addition of Rooibos red tea. Rich in minerals and trace elements, it helps with digestion, relieves tension and insomnia and is beneficial for blood sugar problems and liver function. Rooibos helps promote healthy skin and supports the nervous system.

ORAC 1000 Mixed Berry Complex (Wild Blueberry Extract, Grape Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Raspberry Extract, Raspberry Seed Extract, Cranberry Extract, Cherry Powder, Wild Bilberry Extract, Strawberry Powder)

Fruits are among the most beneficial foods of all. They provide an array of natural vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, caratenoids (like beta carotene), vitamin C, potassium and fibre. The amazing array of super fruits in Veganique has the same anti-oxidant power (measured in ORAC units) as five servings of fruit and vegetables.

Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme Complex (Lipase, Cellulase, Amylase, Lactase, Protease)

All foods must be digested, before they can be absorbed. To improve overall digestion, these five plant based enzymes cover the digestion of all the various foods found in Veganique.

Probiotic Blend Lactobacillus Sporogenes, B. Bifidum

These are the healthy, dairy free cultures that, combined with the FOS Inulin and enzymes in Veganique, help with digestion and intestinal tract health.

Vitamin & Mineral Blend (Calcium Phosphate, Ascorbic Acid [Vitamin C], Sodium Chloride, Vitamin A Palmitate, Ergocalciferol [Vitamin D2], D-Alpha Tocopherol [Vitamin E], Thiamine HCl [B1], Riboflavin [B2], Niacinamide [B3], Pyridoxine HCl[B6], Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin [B12], Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Ferrous Sulfate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Iodide, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Citrate, Sodium Selenite, Copper Gluconate, Manganese Sulfate, Chromic Chloride, Sodium Molybdate)

Veganique supplies all 25 of the essential vitamins and minerals. The super green foods also provide a vast array of over 50 more trace minerals. Having Veganique once or twice a day ensures your energy levels improve and helps keep your body, mind (and spirit) all at optimal levels!

Veganique in Your Diet

According to a recent review, people who follow a vegetarian diet are likely to have a body weight up to 20 per cent lower than non-vegetarians, and have a lower risk for most serious diseases. Although the precise definition of vegetarianism is open to debate, the number of people choosing to exclude meat from their diets seems to have followed a steady upward curve over the past decade. A 2002 Datamonitor report estimated that there are around 12 million vegetarians in Europe, and a Time/CNN poll of 10,000 American adults the same year found 4 percent of the population (more than 11 million people) to be self proclaimed vegetarians. The scientific review, published in the April issue of Nutrition Reviews (Vol. 64), compiled data from 87 observational and clinical studies, and showed that the weight-loss did not appear to depend on exercise or calorie count, and could occur at a rate of 1 pound per week with vegetarian eating. Compared with meat eaters, vegans and vegetarians are reported to consume diets that are higher in carbohydrates and dietary fibre, while being lower in calories, bad fats, cholesterol, and saturated fat. "Typically, vegetarian diets derive more than 50% of energy from fiber rich carbohydrates (from fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole-grain breads and cereals)," explained reviewers Susan Berkow and Neal Barnard from the US Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. "There is evidence that a [vegetarian] diet causes an increased calorie burn after meals, meaning plant-based foods are being used more efficiently as fuel for the body, as opposed to being stored as fat," said Barnard. The reviewers also reported that insulin sensitivity increased for vegetarians, easing the absorption of nutrients into cells. This is also an indicator that diabetic related diseases can be eased and/or avoided by adopting a diet reflective of vegetarian eating. "If such diets cause weight loss when adopted by overweight individuals, they may also be of substantial clinical value since they are associated with other health benefits, including improved control of blood lipids, blood pressure and diabetes," said Berkow and Barnard. The rising rate of obesity is seen as one of the major health challenges of the 21st century. Europe is said to be rapidly catching up with the USA. Metabolic syndrome is a condition associated with obesity that dramatically increases the risk for a heart attack. Metabolic syndrome has risen substantially in the past 10 years and now affects up to 32 percent of North American adults - an estimated 50 million people, according to the International Obesity Task Force. Of particular concern is the rising number of overweight and obese children, said to be growing by 1.3 million children a year. By 2010 it is estimated that 26 million children will be overweight, including 6.4 million that are obese.

Suggested Use:

As a complete meal replacement, mix two level scoops (65 g) of Veganique into 375 ml (1 1/2 cups) of water, shake or stir well and drink immediately. Take 1 or more servings a day. Store in a cool dry place.

Features & Benefits

  • Energize and Invigorate Your Day!
  • Lower Allergy Potential
  • No Soy or Pea protein
  • High ORAC value
  • Tastes Better
  • Heart Healthy
  • Flavours: Chocolate, Unflavoured, and Mild Chili Chocolate


  1. Can you get high from North Coast Naturals Hemp Protein? Will it show up in your tox screens?

    No. North Coast Naturals Hemp Protein is derived from non-THC hemp plants.

Nutritional Facts


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