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Iso Protein 100

Iso Protein 100 is a natural protein powder, perfect for maintaining a healthy physique and attaining a higher energy!
Iso Protein 100 is highly unique in that it's very low in carbohydrates and fat, but absolutely rich in essential amino acids, the very building blocks of protein's many benefits. Iso Protein 100's uniqueness is further impressive in that it contains nothing artificial!

Iso Protein 100 is perfect for anyone who wants to add more protein to their diet, build lean muscle tissue, recover faster from workouts or just enjoy its delicious flavour for a nutritionally sound snack or meal replacement. The whole family can enjoy it any time of day to add a healthy boost of high-quality protein to their diet.

Use Iso Protein 100 in the kitchen to enhance the flavour and nutrition of recipes like protein pancakes, hot oatmeal, brownies and homemade protein bars. All 3 flavours make a great choice for recipes. Use chocolate or vanilla to add a subtle, sweet and delicious natural flavour to recipes, or try unflavoured when you want to increase your protein intake without affecting the taste.

Added to a fruit smoothie in the morning, Iso Protein 100 makes for a satisfying and nutritious protein-packed breakfast. Mixed with water, milk or your favourite juice, it's a healthy and delicious mid-morning or afternoon snack and enjoyed after workouts you're ensuring your body gets the nutrition it needs quickly and efficiently. Plus, it tastes so amazing it even works as a healthy dessert option!

Features and Benefits

  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Helps to restore metabolism
  • Helps to curb appetite
  • Natural bonus source of calcium + minerals
  • Increases energy
  • Helps to build lean muscle
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Supports healthy heart and blood sugar levels

The health benefits of Iso Protein powder include maintenance of strong bones and healthy skin, teeth and nails

Iso Protein 100 Features

  • No artificial sweeteners — naturally sweetened with debittered, purified stevia leaf isolate
  • Debittered Stevia Leaf Isolate is new — unlike plain stevia, our isolate helps bring out a cleaner flavour with little or no aftertaste
  • Made from 100% whey protein isolated from milk, the pure and gentle whey protein for superior absorption
  • 24 grams of high-quality lean protein per serving
  • Available in 4 natural flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Unflavoured, and Chocolate Coconut
  • Mixes super easy, super fast and tastes super great
  • Contains a lactose-reducing enzyme to help improve digestion


  1. When is the best time of day to use Iso Protein 100?

    Iso Protein 100 can be enjoyed anytime of day for a healthy and satisfying snack. To help improve recovery time after a workout, try drinking Iso Protein 100 within 30 minutes of your workout, or ideally, as soon as possible. The other "best" times are those where you might otherwise skip a meal. For example, many people use their protein shakes as part of their breakfast — a shake and apple for example as they rush out the door. Or between lunch and dinner is another popular time, to help keep blood sugar stable and avoid binge eating at supper.

  2. Do you need a blender to use Iso Protein 100?

    No. Iso Protein 100 can easily be mixed with water, juice or milk in a shaker cup or sealed container.

  3. Does Iso Protein 100 contain BCAAs?

    Yes. Iso Protein 100 naturally contains BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) and a range of amino acids. You can find the full amino acid profile on our label or by visiting the nutritional facts section.

  4. Where is the whey in Iso Protein 100 sourced?

    The whey protein used in our many products comes from only grade A milk supplies from preferred producers in Canada, New Zealand, the USA and Europe. To be grade A, the milk must first pass E. coli, Salmonella, yeast, mold, Listeria and Total Plate Count (bacteria) testing.

  5. Is your whey BSE free?

    The dairies producing the milk for our whey are also BSE free. The dairies we choose have cows that are both grass fed and some are fed both grass and safe approved feed — none are fed ruminant feed. For quality and cleanliness concerns, our production facility has the following certifications:
    • CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency); Certificate of Registration under the Canada Agricultural Products Act
    • Health Canada Site License #300341 Organic Certificate License #16-463
    • NOP Canada Standards CAN/CGSB-32.310 and 32.311
    • EU (European Union) Registered Production Facility Site License
    • BSCG (Banned Substance Control Group) registered facility (Finished Product Testing).
    • GMP Certificate of Compliance Site #0009339

  6. Is ISO Protein 100 GMO-free?

    Whey is not grown, and is therefore non-GMO inherently.

  7. Does Iso Protein 100 contain lactose?

    All whey proteins contain some amount of detectable lactose. According to the Health Canada regulations (Section B.01.502(2)(d) of the Food and Drug Regulations), if lactose can be detected by common analytical methods, it cannot be labeled as lactose free. Having said that, Iso Protein 100 is certainly lactose-reduced. (Although some other whey proteins may label theirs as lactose-free, they would not be; the best any whey protein can legitimately claim is lactose-reduced). So, to keep this context, it is fair to say that if a consumer is lactose concerned, our formula has no more or no less remaining lactose as another whey protein labeled as lactose-free might have. There is no such thing as an absolutely 100% lactose-free whey protein. Lastly, we do add lactase, the lactose-digesting enzyme, to Iso Protein 100, to help those with lactose concerns better digest our formula.

  8. My bottle appears to be 1/2 full — does the powder settle and is that what causes this?

    Powders are filled by net weight, not by volume. Net weight filling machinery uses high speed spinning and agitation which "whips" up the powder into fluffier state; thus at the time of filling the bottles are over 90% full due to the fluffier powder at that moment. After the bottles leave our facility, the powder then settles while being gently jostled and vibrated as they travel in trucks — that reduces that 90% fill level down to what you see in the bottle. We do our best given the parameters and consider every detail — we are customers too.

Nutritional Facts

nutritional facts for vanilla 100% natural iso protein powder
nutritional facts for chocolate 100% natural iso protein powder
nutritional facts for unflavoured 100% natural iso protein powder
Chocolate Coconut
nutritional facts for chocolate coconut 100% natural iso protein powder

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